All American: The Rise and Fall of Jim Thorpe

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As a result, Jim played six seasons of Major League Baseball, yet football remained his favorite.

The Canton Bulldog s, a powerhouse football franchise, dominated professional football in its earliest days. In , Thorpe served as star and coach, the Bulldogs claimed unofficial world championships in , , , and As a player, Thorpe could run with speed, bruising power, throw a forward pass, and catch passes with the best.

To the wonder of onlookers, Thorpe punted the ball long distances, and he dropkicked or placed kicked the football distances up to 50 yards.

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As a professional, he excelled on the gridiron in the N. L , , He played halfback and linebacker, playing both ways.

Rounding out his professional career; he played Major League Basebal l for six seasons, as an outfielder , and traveled the country with a professional basketball team Would history restore the legacy of Jim Thorpe? The committee violated its own standing policy and procedures by filing a late grievance. According to the I.

They filed the objection 6 months beyond the stipulated time frame stated in their bylaws. Over the years, supporters of Thorpe attempted to have his Olympic medals returned. Finally, in , the previous policies and practices were exposed to show their discriminatory nature by newly elected members. As a result, the International Olympic Committee restored the medals and awards to the Thorpe family.

Happy Birthday, Jim Thorpe, the “Greatest Athlete in the World”

Consequently, the honor and spirit of Bright Path rose from obscurity to revel in the heavens. Gradually, the honors continued to build for Jim Thorpe. He devoted more of his time to football, where he became one of the greatest halfbacks of all time. Thorpe's last game occurred in against the Chicago Cardinals, when he was years-old.

Thorpe later served a variety of odd-jobs after retiring from athletics. He was a bartender, a ditch digger, a painter, and also served time in the merchant marines. Thorpe also devoted his time speaking to many schools and children about the importance of athletics and how it relates to sportsmanship.

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By , Thorpe had married his third and final wife, having already fathered eight children. During , Thorpe became very ill and had no money left. He was hospitalized for lip cancer, and three years later, Thorpe died on March 28, , of a heart attack while eating dinner with his wife, Patricia Askew, in Lomita, California. Upon Thorpe's death in , "the New York Times saluted him as the greatest athlete of them all. There seems to be general agreement that no one ever equaled him on the football gridiron.

After Thorpe's death, his wife, Askew, wanted Oklahoma, Thorpe's home state, to build a memorial and have it erected to remember the late Jim Thorpe. Unfortunately at the time, money was scarce, so she turned her attention towards two small towns in eastern Pennsylvania Mauch Chunk and East Mauch Chunk that were trying to attract visitors and business. She convinced both towns to rename themselves into one town: Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania. To this day, a monument of Jim Thorpe and his burial site can still be seen there.

In , Thorpe also received his amateur status back, and later, he was given back the gold medals he had won by the International Olympic Committee, in large part due to the work of his children. He then had an award named after him in Jim Thorpe Award , which is given to the best defensive back in college football each year.

Thorpe also had a movie made about his life called, Jim Thorpe: All American. Skip to main content. You are here Home. Primary Vocation: Athletics. Sources: Brown, Don. Young Jim Thorpe.

Bright Path. He was truly the greatest athlete of our century!!!

Jim Thorpe: All American Athlete, Olympian, Hero

Apr 25, Evan rated it really liked it. The book was full of facts and details about Jim Thorpe and they really showed how athletic, smart and caring Jim Thorpe was. Also it shows the rich history of the old football and track programs he used to went to. Jun 09, Chase Parsley rated it really liked it. A very readable biography about one of history's most improbable and best athletes.

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