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Order total:. Look inside. Published: November ISBN: Add to Bag. Ebook also available to purchase from:. But the only life about to be ruined was Annie's-by Cesar! In reality, she was a shy virgin, but Cesar preferred to believe in her glossy image. He passionately believed that she had torn apart his family in the space of a night. And now, in the cold light of dawn, he wanted his revenge!

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One minute Gideon Wilde was lamenting his recent broken engagement. The next, he was saying "I do"-only, he'd married the wrong wife! Always in control, Gideon had no room in his life for whirlwind Cassie. Yet having her in his bed was another matter Cassie had been in love with Gideon for years. And now that they were "accidentally" married, she was determined to make him finally notice her.

It wasn't long before their marriage in name only quickly turned into a passionate affair.

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This title is not currently available for purchase. Share. Kindle App Ad. Look inside this book. All Male (Mills & Boon Vintage 90s Modern) by [Thorpe. Revenge by seduction! Businessman Lee Hartford is a regular Midas: everything he touches turns to gold. His turnover in women is legendary, too!.

Now all Cassie had to do was turn his "I want you" into "I love you. But the gentle Lady Hester knew the rakish pose was only a mask, hiding a desperate and lonely man. With her knowing eyes and quiet beauty, the spinsterish Lady Hester was a far cry from Adrian's usual amours.

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See, the story begins in front of store -feed store, maybe- and if I remembert it right, the woman was concerned about her son getting her. The heroine is from Ireland and is on the run. The man, and later his family, accused her of kindapping to separate her from her son. And she saw the ad for a teacher as a chance for escape as far west as possible. The offer I think included the room and board.

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Anyway, the matter came before a judge and that is how our heroine came to live on the ranch and became a teacher to his son. Thanks for you help!

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I am desperately trying to find a book I believe I read in the mid to late 90s not totally sure. It would most likely be Harlequin or Silhouette. It is about a man who is after the person who killed his wife and twin daughters in a car bombing.

Then a few months later she discovered she is pregnant. She has three identical triplet boys and she tries to find the man she spend the night with but with no luck. Then she runs into to him like three or four years later. I think at this point the triplet boys are around three years old and he then protects her and his sons because the man she had been dating for the last six months is the one who initially killed his wife and twin daughters.

I think the triplets names were Ryan, Sean and unsure of the other one. If anyone one remembers this I would greatly appreciate it. I loved this book and would love to read it again. I scanned through the last post but not these ones yet. So if someone has already asked about this book just point me in the right direction please. I mostly remember scenes ant he plot and I think it was a Harlequin.

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Robyn Donald. So when Kirsty saw a chance to avenge herself, she took it, unmindful of t The villain ends up trapping them in the same mausoleum, but they escape and live HEA. Harriet has to keep reminding herself it's all just for convenience - but how far is Matthew prepared to go with the arran I'm looking for a Harlequin, probably for the 80s or 90s. Wary of love, she has no intention of marrying again.

But it was about a guy, who used to be a surfer I think and now he works for or owns a magazine and is doing a photo shoot of the new swim line. Back when he was still surfing he met a girl had an amazing night with her but was so drunk he only remembers the tattoo on her back and not her face. She owns a shop now that sells organic fiber? Very hippy. I remember the part where she, I think, bets him that her swimsuits are better and she can make the models look better in the shoot than he can.

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He makes her wear one of her own suits and realizes that she is the one he was looking for and when he asks why she never said anything she tells him that she already knows who he is. Please help me find this book. It's driving me nuts! I read this 4 or 5 years ago and think it was a fairly recent publication.

It's historical European, maybe early s. The hero is in London with friends. His wife is there. It was a marriage of convenience, and they had never lived together. She was struggling to hold the estate together. She nurses him and they fall in love. The villain ends up trapping them in the same mausoleum, but they escape and live HEA.

Author or title? This is it. I have been looking for this book for so long. I greatly appreciate you taking the time to let me know. Thank you so much. Hi dear Hi am new to this site Ariel discovers that Robin is a girl and persuades her to dress as a girl in a blue gown borrowed from Louise Robin cannot walk properly in a gown and Ariel sends her up on deck to practice walking with her blonde hair loose Hero Cannot remember the name is drunk and sees her, thinking it's the governess Louise she's also blonde for whom he has the hots One day hero sees Ariel return the blue gown to Louise and thank her for lending it to Robin I am new to this and just moved my solo write up to this section.

I read a novel a number of years ago maybe between - It likely is medieval England. He takes them with his men. The friend ultimately finds out she is pregnant.

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One of the hero's knights is married to her. Ultimately the hero and heiress end up together. This is much of the detail I can recall. I would much appreciate the author and title if anyone out there can remember.