For the Term of His Natural Life (Nonsuch Classics)

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On the evening of May 3, , the garden of a large red-brick bow-windowed mansion called North End House, which, enclosed in spacious grounds, stands on the eastern height of Hampstead Heath, between Finchley Road and the Chestnut Avenue, was the scene of a domestic tragedy. Three persons were the actors in it. One was an old man, whose white hair and wrinkled face gave token that he was at least sixty years of age. He stood erect with his back to the wall, which separates the garden from the Heath, in the attitude of one surprised into sudden passion, and held uplifted the heavy ebony Australian novelist and poet I'll Be Home for Christmas.

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For The Term Of His Natural Life

The result was For the Term of His Natural Life, the one and only work with which he established his name in world literature. It first appeared serially in a most dilatory fashion in the Australian Journal between March and June It was brought out in book form, much shortened and improved, in and was later published in London, America, Germany and many other countries.

In he was made clerk to the trustees of the public library in Melbourne, and in became sub-librarian. However, he spent most of his time in literary work of the most varied kind, from psychology to pantomime. He was deeply disappointed when, in , on the death of the librarian, he was not chosen to succeed to the post. A year later the trustees requested his resignation on account of his insolvency. His health had been poor for a number of years, and this final blow broke his spirit and his will to live.

He died suddenly on August 2nd In the course of fourteen years of literary activity, Marcus Clarke wrote apart from the two novels already mentioned about thirty minor tales, a dozen plays dramas, comedies, burlesques, and adaptations , pantomimes, pamphlets and many critical and satirical sketches and essays. Among his works may be mentioned Plot, a sensational drama produced successfully at the Princess Theatre in Melbourne in ; an adaptation of Moliere's Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme; a pantomime called Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star; also a collection of stories, Holiday Peak.

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For the Term of His Natural Life by Marcus Clarke

Vickers and Sylvia, the pilot, five soldiers and ten convicts. Among the convicts is John Rex, who has again plans for mutiny. The convicts succeed in taking the boat, killing two soldiers, wounding one, and marooning him with the Vickers, the pilot and Frere. The pilot and the wounded man die shortly afterwards. One night, a man reaches their makeshift camp. It is Rufus Dawes, who has managed to swim to the settlement only to find it deserted.

Although initially wary of him, the little community soon accepts Dawes, especially since he knows all kinds of ways to make their life more agreeable. Sylvia takes to him and Dawes soon does everything to please her, despite Frere's jealous attempts to win Sylvia's affection. It is also Dawes, who, after Sylvia mentioned the coracles of the Ancient Britons, plans and succeeds in building a boat out of saplings and goat hide.

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Although Frere promises Dawes a pardon, he nevertheless does not stop treating him like an inferior, at one point upsetting Dawes so much that he considers leaving on his own. Only Sylvia's writing in the sand, "Good Mr. Dawes", stops him. Through a hazard, Frere tells Dawes of the fate of his cousin and how narrowly he missed inheriting the Devine fortune.

Dawes had not known about Sir Richard's death. Finally, they set to sea with Mrs. Vickers gravely ill and Sylvia soon also sick. After some time they are found by an American vessel at which point Frere takes the rudder of the boat and Sylvia in his arms.

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By , in Port Arthur , Mrs. Vickers has died. Sylvia has lost all her memories of the incident at Macquarie Harbour and knows only what she has been told about it. She is now a young woman of sixteen and engaged to Captain Maurice Frere, who has told the story of the mutiny in his own way: making himself the hero and claiming that Dawes attempted to murder all three of them. News arrives that the surviving mutineers of the Osprey have been captured and are to be tried at Port Arthur.

Sarah Purfoy calls on Frere and begs him to speak in Rex's favour, saying that he left them food and tools. She threatens to expose Frere's previous affairs to Sylvia. Frere consents to her demands. Rufus Dawes is also brought down from Hobart to identify the captured men. At the trial, he sees Sylvia again and realises that she is alive: he had been informed of her death. He tries to speak his case but is not allowed to.

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The mutineers get away with life sentences. Dawes escapes to see Sylvia again and begs her to speak, but in her amnesia she is afraid of him and calls for help. Dawes, too thunderstruck to leave, is immediately recaptured and sent back to Hobart. There, he meets the Reverend James North, a drunkard, whose failure to get up in time after a drinking night results in the death of a convict at the triangle, whom North had sworn to protect. Dawes is ordered to carry out the flogging and upon eventually refusing is flogged himself.

Marcus Clarke

For the Term of his Natural Life. The Pocket Library. Oxford Illustrated Dickens. Dean's Children's Classics. Namespaces Article Talk. Its depiction of the harsh realities during early settlement, has ensured its status as an important Australian classic. Classic Reprint Series.

Despite Dawes' initial hate for the man he considers to be a hypocrite, he is moved by North's begging for forgiveness and calling him "brother". The next time he asks to see the chaplain he finds that North, an enemy to the bishop for his impious vices, has been replaced by Meekin, a dainty man, who lectures him on his sins rather than attempting to console him. John Rex seeks Dawes and tries to persuade him to join him in an escape, organised by Sarah Purfoy. Dawes refuses.

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For the Term of His Natural Life (Nonsuch Classics) [Marcus Clarke] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Perhaps Australia's most significant. Editorial Reviews. Review. For the Term of His Natural Life was the basis for one of the first full-length motion pictures films, produced in Australia in (

Through luck, Rex starts talking about the Devines and about how he was once employed to find news of their son. Dawes, appalled, asks if he would still recognise the man and Rex understands all of Dawes' story. When shortly afterward a warder confuses them both, commenting on how much they look alike, Rex hatches another plan.

A few days later, Rex and another group of eight, led by Gabbett and Vetch, escape. It soon becomes apparent that Rex used the other men only as decoys.

For The Term Of His Natural Life

They get hopelessly lost in the bush and start eating one another, leaving only Gabbett and Vetch to struggle for not being the first to fall asleep. Later, Gabbett is found on a beach by the crew of a whaling vessel, with the half-eaten arm of one of his comrades hanging out of his swag.

This part is based on a true story, that of Alexander Pearce. Rex reaches Sydney and, soon becoming weary of Sarah, escaping her to go to London , where he presents himself as Richard Devine.

Lady Ellinor accepts him as her son. Shortly afterward, Captain Frere becomes Commandant of the Island, resolved to enforce discipline there. North, appalled at the horrible punishments inflicted but not really daring to interfere, renews his friendship with Dawes and also takes to Sylvia.

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Her marriage is an unhappy one.