Practical Veterinary Topics and Tips for Pet Owners of Dogs and Cats

What To Do If Your Pet Gets Cancer
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Social services may require evaluations when the safety of a family member may be at risk because of the family pet. We have experience with ALL these situations. Discover why as CAABs we can provide evaluations using a scientific approach, and schedule an evaluation by visiting our.

1. All cats need to be in a carrier and all dogs on a leash

Online education for dog trainers, behavior consultants, and other pet professionals who are committed to using scientific principles to modify behavior. Our critically acclaimed video guide for observing and interpreting canine body postures is a must for ANYONE who works professionally with animals. An eye opener for pet owners as well. Webinars with a variety of Certified Applied Animal Behaviorists and other well known experts.

What Is Malpractice?

Topics you won't find anywhere else! HD quality audio recordings of every baby sound you can image, DVD of the webinar course we taught at area hospitals for 15 years.

Winter Care Tips for Pets - Cold Weather Care for Dogs and Cats

Both also available as digital downloads. It's easily tolerated by the vast majority of dogs.

101 Essential Health and Safety Tips for Cats and Kittens

Get the details and order on our Calming Cap Page. While not weather proof, it can also be used outdoors to discourage digging or even startle squirrels! The device conforms to the principles of animal learning because it is dependent on the pet's behavior, is consistent, and is immediate, and doesn't cause pain. The startle response interrupts and discourages future behavior. Have concerns? Learn more about animal learning and facts about "aversives" and interrupting behavior from our FREE Course. Our award winning "Help! Hetts' book was an Amazon 1 Best Seller! If you're confused about training techniques - whether you have to be "dominant" over your dog; why dogs are supposed to love their crates as their dens - but your dog doesn't; whether or not "positive" training is bribing your dog or not; what does "science based" training REALLY mean - and MORE - this easily read book is for you!

Learn what you can do to help your cats co-exist peacefully and have a better quality of life. Many conflicts can be avoided with proper introductions. Many common cat behavior problems, including house soiling and MORE can be prevented or resolved if your home meets your cat's behavioral needs. There is still so much mis-information about how dogs communicate with us.

Even the science has been mis-represented, but with this CD you can get the straight scoop directly from behavior scientists! Learn more and order HERE. I recommend Dr. Walley to anyone who has a pet they care about.

Get Informed - Get Pet Informed.

The care Baxter receives here far exceeds his other veterinary care that was also more expensive. Walley's knowledge and compassion has extended Baxters life and quality of life without doubt! He has my highest recommendation! Ling, Dr. Walley, Kerry, and the rest of the staff! My chihuahua recently started to have seizures. The staff was so amazing from start-to-finish, that I refuse to go anywhere else from now on As first time patients, we were treated with VIP service which is rare in this industry.

We were able to schedule an appointment immediately. And everyone cared for me and my 'fur-baby' as if we were family. While most vets are looking to cut corners and "bring in the buck", the doctors and staff here are patient, understanding, compassionate, and focused on the well being of your animal and actually fixing the issue Not to mention that my pooch is a MOODY chihuahua, and the staff seemed to have a magic touch, connecting with him in a way where he didn't want to freak out and snarl at them.

And let me tell you, that is rare.

Ling even came into work on her day off to call me with my Peanut's bloodwork results. I would refer them to anybody hands down. Walley to remove a cancerous tumor. Walley did an excellent job; moreover, his care and thoroughness were much appreciated. Also, his wife, Dr. Ling, has been incredible too. She is very professional and thorough. She is very friendly and loving with my pet. The staff is not intimidated by Charlie because he's a pit bull; rather, Doctors Walley and Ling as well as their staff have been nothing short of excellent. I would recommend their clinic to any pet owners.

They were great with all our questions along the way. He has taken great care of my baby, Tripper. The rest of the staff is great ,too. Thank you for always giving the awesome care that you provide but above all Ling is the most caring, compassionate doctor that our dog has seen.

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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Randy Deutsch, DVM has worked in veterinary medicine Practical Veterinary Topics and Tips for Pet Owners of Dogs and Cats - Kindle edition by Randy Deutsch DVM. Download it once and read it on. Randy G. Deutsch, DVM presents an overview and discussion of some of the basic principals of dog and cat ownership including pet care, pet.

She truly cares about animals! She has been loving, kind and gentle with our dog since he was a puppy. We recently changed clinics, to follow Dr. Ling in her practice, because we cannot bring our "boy" to anyone else. The staff was great and Dr Walley was also very kind and caring in a recent visit to the clinic.

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Crest Hill Cat and Dog Clinic is the best and we would recommend them to every pet owner! Walley keeps surprising us with awesome service.

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He has easily become a lifelong veterinarian for our family and any future pets. Our 3 year old Golden Retriever suffered heat stroke during a walk this past Saturday morning. We were prepared for the warm weather of Saturday and had brought plenty of water, chose a path with a lot of shade and soft grass. We even went very early in the morning before the heat kicked in it was in the low 80's with limited humidity. Regardless of the measures that we took, the heat still took to Lovie our friend, family member, and of course pet.

We had taken her on walks in very similar weather, so this was the last thing on our mind. Regardless, it still happened and I'm sure no matter what, my wife and I will regret the decision to take her on a walk that morning for the rest of our lives. However, the fast reactions from Dr.

Walley's team and those at VCA Aurora gave us a fighting chance to save her. We had called Dr. When we arrived, they did everything they could over the course of 12 hours. Late that evening, we had to make the decision and faced the facts. We would never want to put her through pain and she was not going to survive.

The purpose to this post though is that Dr. Walley called me this morning to share his sympathies for our loss of Lovie. He reviewed her situation from the report that he received which made me feel even more confident about the decision that we made. Walley and Dr. Ling have been our go-to vet ever since we were referred by a family member, but after today there's no question in my mind that they will be our lifelong veterinarians and friends. Our grieving begins today, but the care that Dr. Ling gave Lovie throughout her life was nothing short of amazing and helped her have a very active and wonderful life.

Thank you for all that you have done, we will continue to bring our furry friends to you. If there was an award for amazing service and outstanding care, you both deserve it - hands down. Ling is indeed the most caring vet I have ever had for my cat Tao. I had a misfortunate event with my cat, so i brought him in. They had an idea of what was wrong ran some tests which were affordable and were spot on about what they speculated was wrong! I highly advise you choose this location as your veterinarian.

Think of it this way would you rather go to a doctor that is all about business? Or would you rather go to a doctor that get to know you, respect you and teach you?