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Admiral Yi Sun-shin – military hero and god of war
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First, Joseon could keep their control in Jeollado and Chungcheongdo which were breadbasket of Joseon. The food supply was kept for Joseon army and fleet, it became huge advantage and base of Joseon's victory at Imjin war. Second, Japanese attempts to defeat Joseon fleet were failed and they had to change war strategy of invasion.

Their strategy was to deliver more Japanese land forces and foods through seas to northern part of Korean peninsula and then they would march to Ming dynasty's territory. By failure of this strategy, Japanese troops which seized north provinces of Joseon had to suffer from starving and shortage of ammunition. To invade China, they needed to secure war supplying routes. Japanese attempts to deliver foods and ammunition through roads were also blocked by Joseon army and Uibyeong. Uibyeong is literally translated as righteous army. A lot of civil army and Buddhist monk army voluntarily were formed and attacked Japanese troops.

Third, the army of Ming dynasty could march down to Korean peninsula by road, because Japanese troops couldn't march forward to the territory of Ming dynasty. King seonjo asked aid to the Ming dynasty and Ming sent their army to prevent invasion of Japanese troops in Korean peninsula. After this battle, Admiral Yi's fleet secured south sea till the end of Imjin war and Joseon could protect their land from Japanese invasion.

On August 18, , Toyotomi Hideyoshi died, but his councilors kept his death as secret. After several months, this came to light and Japanese councilors ordered retreat of their troops in Joseon.

Yi Sun-shin, an eternal hero of the Korean people

All reviews statue yi locals museum view. Reviewed October 3, It's not bad, but nothing to write home about. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Immediately, Japanese boarded ships and counterattack to Joseon warships. Second, he knew the coastal areas where the fighting took place well and was able to take advantage of tides and straits. Log in Join.

On November 19, , Yi's fleet attacked Japanese fleet was on their return to mother land, almost Japanese warships were sunken and it became Yi's final battle. After few days, all Japanese troops withdrew from Busan and the disastrous Imjin war ended.

Yi Sun Shin by Sam Baker

Joseon's lands were devastated by 7 years war and a lot of national treasures were destroyed or plundered by Japanese. Although, it took many years to rebuild country, Joseon dynasty lasted for about years. On the contrary of Joseon, Ming dynasty began to disintegrate and Toyotomi's government was replaced. Ming was suffered from economic decline and rebels against its government, and it was collapsed by Manchus in Manchu established China's last absolute monarchy state, Cheong. Toyotomi's successor, Tokugawa Ieyasu moved capital to Edo, present-day Tokyo and Edo period started.

Yi Sun Shin, Korea's Great Admiral

Tokugawa proposed reestablishing diplomatic relations with Joseon in Two countries exchanged envoy till Meiji Restoration took place. Joseon dispatched diplomatic mission, which called as Tongsinsa. Tongsinsa was consists of about people, including diplomats, painter, potter and doctors. Japanese could learn Joseon's technology by this diplomatic mission.

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Especially, Joseon's potters have had a strong influence on Japanese ceramic arts. Historical Background Toyotomi's ambition In , Korean medieval state, Joseon dynasty established in Korean peninsula and they kept diplomatic relationship with Japan. Two countries exchanged envoy visits for years and enjoyed peace.

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Admiral Yi Sun-Sin was a Korean naval commander famed for his victories against the Japanese navy during the Imjin war in the Joseon Dynasty, who became. Yi Sun-shin, also spelled Yi Sun-sin, (born April 28, , Seoul, Korea [now in South Korea]—died Dec. 16, , off Noryang), Korean admiral and national hero whose naval victories were instrumental in repelling Japanese invasions of Korea in the s. After passing the.

The circumstance changed shortly after Toyotomi Hideyoshi succeeded his former lord, Oda Nobunaga. At s, Japan was in turmoil. The war between daimyos, feudal lords, kept dragging on and on until Toyotomi Hideyoshi united Japan. The battle in Hansan. Toyotomi Hideyoshi. He took action for his ambitious plan. At , he conquered Daemado Island, also known as Tsushima in Japan, and sent the mayor of this island as his envoy to Hanyang, capital of Joseon dynasty.

The mayor was demanded to convey Toyotomi's war plan against Ming dynasty and Joseon's unconditional surrender. Because he was received economic support from Joseon dynasty, he couldn't tell the truth.

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He only requested Hanyang to send envoy to Toyotomi. Joseon government speculated the possibility of Japanese invasion and prepared for the war since two envoys came back from Japan. They appointed three provincial governors and dispatched them in southern provinces of Korean peninsula. The governors prepared armory and built castles. Especially, many castles were built or rebuilt in Gyeongsangdo during this time. New barracks were also built in this province.

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To settle defense plans, Joseon government appointed new naval commanders of southern provinces' fleet. In February , Yi sun-shin was appointed as Jeollajwado Sugunjeoldosa, commander-in-chief Jeolla province's western fleet and Yi eok-gi was appointed as Jellawudo Sugunjeoldosa, commander-in-chief Jeolla province's eastern fleet.

In early , Won gyun was appointed as commander-in-chief Gyeongsangdo province's eastern fleet. These commanders prepared for the war in their local seas. Jeollado province' commander, Yi sun-shin perfectly prepared to defend his domain sea.

A lot of amount of armory, ammunition, gun powder, foods were reserved under control of him. New warships, including 3 Geobukseon were also built. At April 13, the Imjin war broke out. Japanese army arrived at Korean peninsula.

Almost , Japanese participated in this war, only 8, Korean army had to confront numerous invasion. Battle-hardened Japanese army defeated Joseon's armies by matchlock at every battle. Koreans also was using firearms, such as cannons at siege warfare, but they were mostly using sword, spear and bow at battles.

When King Seonjo was told the invasion of numerous Japanese army and Koreans' defeats, he dispatched his most trusted general, Sin Rip to defend Japanese invasion.

Battle of Hansan Island, one of the world's top four naval battles

General, Shin was famous for his missions against Manchus at the northern most border of Joseon dynasty. He defeated them in many times and became the General. Sin Rip confronted the first Japanese army, Gonishi yukinaga's at the Tanguemdae, Chungju, but his cavalry couldn't defeat Japanese.

This site requires JavaScript for full functionality, please enable. Cheonja Chongtong, a cannon that played a big role fighting off the Japanese invaders during the Japanese invasion of Korea in still stands proudly facing the sea and the statue of Admiral Yi Sun-sin is a dashing figure. The wooden-decked trail along the coastline is also a great place to have a walk.

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